One Hyaluronic Acid Is Not Worth The Other

Hyaluronic Acid

What is hyaluronic acid?

HA is a powerful hydration ingredient and it is capable of binding over one thousand times its weight in water. This substance is naturally occurring in the skin but as we age, the production of all key substances in the skin including hyaluronic acid (along with collagen and elastin) decreases. As a result, our skin loses its volume, hydration and plumpness.

HA have been widely used in skincare and beauty products due to its anti-aging properties. But One Hyaluronic Acid is not Worth the Other!

Because HA molecules, despite being the best at binding water and offering hydration, cannot penetrate into the skin due to their large molecular weight. When applied topically (to the skin), these molecules sit on top of the skin, offering hydration only at the very surface. As a result the benefits of traditional HA formulas will be limited to superficial hydration.

That’s why we created

Sonicated Hyaluronic Acid!

Our “secret weapon” is our patented mixture enhanced with Sonicated Hyaluronic acid.

REJUVEA’s unique proprietary technology uses sonication (ultrasound) to break down the raw hyaluronic acid into a mixture of low, medium, and high molecular weight molecules, without involving any chemicals or preservatives.

The result is a 100% pure, chemical-free Hyaluronic acid with enhanced properties, including improved stability and more effective penetration into the skin.

Sonicated Hyaluronic Acid is the backbone of all REJUVEA products, as it effectively carries the active ingredients into the skin and protects them from premature degradation.


1- How it works?

Ten times better absorption

We have created a balanced mixture of hyaluronic acid molecules with superior absorption that can penetrate all skin layers reaching the deepest ones.


What are the benefits?

OUR Sonicated Hyaluronic Acid is proven to give your skin:

  • Immediate smoothing effect
  • Highly moisturizing & elasticizing action
  • Filler action & plumping effect on wrinkles & imperfections
  • Amplified reparative effects with reduced inflammation

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