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For most people, the main motivation for losing weight seems to be cosmetic or just get in shape. But loosing those extra pounds has much greater impact on your life.
As it enhances your confidence, boosts your fitness and protects you from many future serious health conditions.

Losing weight has never been easy!

It is well known that exercise and healthy eating are required to lose weight. However, sometimes it is highly difficult or downright impossible to stick to the weight loss program without aid.

Take an extra help from VIA ANANAS on YOUR weight- loss journey.

VIA ANANS is designed to control your appetite, and make weight loss easier, faster and more effective.
It gives you a safe, and affordable solution to your weight loss challenges.

Via Ananas



High content of bromelain, promotes fat burning & inhibits new fat cells formation.It also aids digestion.

Green Tea

Fat burning, reduces body weight even during weight maintainance. It reduces appetite & boosts metabolism


Synergistic, thermogenic effect with Green Tea. Helps the body to burn fat even during rest.

Cherry Tail

Rebalances gut flora. reduces appetite & weight gain

Why Choose VIA ANANAS?

Who is VIA ANANAS suitable for?

You can safely get all the great benefits from VIA ANANAS , if you need to:

INTAKES FOR 1 Unicadose OF 10 ML

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