Derma Secret

The Latest Generation of
Injectable Fillers

Derma Secret represents the latest generation of injectable fillers, based on Monophasic Hyaluronic Acid.
Our fillers stand out for their excellent viscoelasticity and three dimensionality. Which allow to obtain a better treatment performance and much more natural results.
Derma Secret is Your Made in Italy ally.
A comprehensive, controlled and tested range of aesthetic medicine products that stand out in terms of safety and ease of application, for you  to experience the choice for your professional activity.
Depending on your patients’ different personalities & by reconciling the peculiarities of any face with your expertise and our technology, you will find unique and unrepeatable results.



Cross-linked hyaluronic acid (HA) gel with different concentrations, from Bio-Bacterial Fermentation (non-animal origin).
Monophasic (easier to mold and shape, and simpler to administrate) and extremely homogenous (requires lesser quantities of cross-linking chemical agent BDDE).
Excellent visco-elastic properties that make it very plastic and performing performance.

Three essential advantages for a high profile medical-aesthetic practice :
• Superior control of the aesthetic result during the
• A perceptible soft and natural outcome
• A gradual resorption of the correction

Derma Secret Light

Derma Secret Light responds to the desire of patients oriented towards less invasive treatments to enhance their image without modifying it, to improve dehydrated skin, and to correct fine – medium wrinkles.
The weakly cross-linked formula makes it ideal for satisfying the need for a quick result in terms of smoothness and brightness.


• Laugh lines
• Barcodes
• Periocular wrinkles
• Lips Revival: Delicate Volume Enhancement
• Hand Skin Revitalization: Restoring Vitality
• Neck Wrinkle Correction: Refining Appearance
• Scar sequelae (Acne, Chicken Pox)


Derma Secret Light

Derma Secret Soft

Derma Secret Soft is an extremely versatile injection treatment particularly suitable for the lines of the “T zone” and for the Concentration of medium-superficial wrinkles. Its composition of medium cross-linked hyaluronic acid makes it ideal for helping the problems of medium-young aged skin.


• Nasolabial Wrinkles
• Expression lines as glabella and labiomental crease
• Lips rejuvenation (Lip Contours & Volume )
•  Nose reshaping

Derma Secret Strong

Derma Secret Strong is suitable in case of loss of definition of the oval face caused by the reduction of adipose compartments, progressive muscle relaxation with sliding of skin layers, causing deep folds and wrinkles, as well as an increasingly marked thinning of the skin and subcutis.
Its High-concentration cross-linked hyaluronic acid, makes it particularly suitable for the aging problems of mature skin and smile lines.


• Nasolabial Wrinkles
• Marionette Lines
• Remodeling of tempolar area
• Facial contour (correcting depressions in the buccal area andredefining the jaw line)
• Lips reshaping and cheeks progression
Derma Secret Strong

Derma Secret Extra Strong

Derma Secret Extra Strong is suitable to restore or recreate volume, and redefine facial contours.
It has an extremely concentrated percentage of hyaluronic acid, which makes it ideal for treatment of deep wrinkles and marked signs of aging, with loss of volume.
It is suitable for helping the problems of mature to very mature skin.


• Cheekbone augmentation
• Restoring fullness in Malar Region and Zygomatic Arch
• Remodeling of chin profile

Derma Secret Super Light

A Revitalizing Touch for the Face .

Derma Secret Super Light is the latest generation of hyaluronic acid skinbooster launched by Derma Secret.
It is an innovative hyaluronic acid product designed to improve skin hydration, skin elasticity, and nourish the skin from the inside out.
Its mildly cross-linked formula makes it ideal to rejuvenate dry, tired and sun damaged skin with an immediate but long-lasting effects.


• Asphyctic & dehydrated skin
• Superficial Periocular wrinkles
• Perioral wrinkles above the lips
• Laugh-lines on the cheeks
• Correction of dark under-eye circles
Derma Secret Super Light

Derma Secret Volume

Derma Secret Volume is the revolutionary, advanced cross-linked hyaluronic acid body filler, particularly suitable for the correction of wider-spread skin imperfections and reshaping the body in a completely safe way.
It is used to harmonize large volumes of the body such as buttocks, calves, forearms and areas requiring natural reshaping.
Thanks to its special formula, it guarantees optimal hydration, tissue rejuvenation and the gift of new tone, with total resorption and the total absence of post treatment granulomas.


• Wider spread skin imperfections
• Buttocks shaping and contouring of calves
• Correction of concave deformities
Derma Secret Volume
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